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  • Holy crap. It’s the end of January. 2014.


    In a recent meeting Craft staff was discussing the products that we should always have in stock. For a moment we were discussing the crowd pleasers and some of the most asked about and requested products. Then aptly, Ty “Boss Man” Martin proclaimed that, “we need to consider questions about selection from the heart first and the head second.” I couldn’t agree more. In response I told Ty we should sell products we love, because then it’s not selling them it’s sharing them. And that’s why people love craft – that’s why I love it. Good drink, better people, and more memories created with people we care about.

    I meant what I said then and I mean it now even more. So here’s my toast to 2014, to drink and share the products that I love.

    So to start lets talk about one of my favorite things right now; Terres Dorres Fleurie. This is everything that I revere in a Beaujolais, and I’m not sorry that there is one less bottle in the shop because I’m enjoying sipping it right now while I type.

    An elegant and simple label. Gamay. Beautiful in violet color, cherry & berry notes with some subtle acidity, and a slightly mineral earthy dirty finish that I absolutely adore. The Domaine des Terres Dorées is located in the Southern Beaujolais, just north of Lyons. Wine maker Jean-Paul Brun has gained notoriety in the states for his “old style” light, fruity wines. Get here and grab a bottle before I drink them all!

    -Brooke “Party Committee” Walshaw


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