We have made the first important step to increasing your love affair with wine. Wine club was a difficult thing for me to begin because the structure required to do it right has generally been the opposite of how we buy and sell wine. The trick is not to continue to get our hands on the world's finest and most distinct wines but getting enough to satisfy what is, we must admit, a thirstier palate than we had first imagined. This took some organization and we are now ready to make to you our first offering. The goal of this club is to broaden your tastes and keep your mind open to the incredible agricultural and spiritual thing that we think wine can be. We also intend to support those producers who craft wines which express the terroir of their vineyards and whom use technological corrections only when necessary.

Our wine club will look more like monthly sales with fun bonuses than a traditional, billed-monthly kind of arrangement. We deal with a horde of producers, many of whom use a different currency and/or have vastly different financial survival requirements. Also some people just have way cooler looking bottles and we're willing to pay a little more for the good juice inside. If we lock ourselves into a flat rate we will ultimately just be limiting what we can offer and we don't roll like that. This said we have worked quite nicely with our distributors to keep things discount-y.